Redeeming Work: What does it mean? – Graham Hooper

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Sometimes people writing or speaking about ‘Faith and Work’ use the term ‘Redeeming work’. It’s not a term that appears in the Bible, and is often not well explained. I, for one, am left asking ‘what does that really mean in my work situation?

In the Bible, to ‘redeem’ means to rescue or deliver’ by payment of a price. Jesus Christ has paid the price to redeem us from our natural state of captivity to sin and its consequences in order to belong to him and to live for him ‘whose service is perfect freedom’. What then does it mean in practical terms to say that our work is part of that redemption? Read More >>


Fruitfulness Matters – Tom Nelson

Read a summary of this excellent talk from Tom Nelson here  and watch the video here (15:25).

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2017 Transforming Work Conference

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2017 Transforming Work Conference